Terminology and beauty of architecture of Thailand, embodied in temples of Thailand

Terminology and beauty of architecture of Thailand, embodied in temples of Thailand

The answer to a question «what to look in Thailand?» it is obvious – visit in Bangkok its six eamoe – monasteries and temples, – however consider that on it a lot of time as not all of them are located compactly can be demanded. Leave to itself possibility to visit and on the best beaches of Thailand.
What is the watt
Cotton wool, Buddhist temples, will meet to you in Thailand everywhere. The knowledge listed below the main architectural terms will help at their survey.
Boat – the main sanctuary of the temple in which religious rituals are carried out.
Vikharn – an exact copy of a boat where images of the Buddha settle down.
Пранг – leaning on an angular tower of the khmer temple an ellipse mortar in which also there are images of the Buddha.
Smoke (mortar) – the most esteemed cult construction in the form of a bell in which the relics connected with the Buddha, and later also the relics concerning sacred and kings were originally stored.
Mondop – wooden or brick construction with the pyramidal roof, carrying out function of storage of a shrine.

Beauty of architecture of Thailand

One of the most known symbols of Thailand – Vat Arun (Wat Arun), or temple of the Morning Dawn (opposite to Tkh Tiyen’s pier: openly: daily 8. 30-17. 30, entrance paid; ph.: 0-2891-1149) is on the opposite river bank Chaupkhraya, in Thonburi. To reach it it is possible all for few minutes on the ferry. The temple was under construction in the first half of the XIX century. Frame of II and Rama III. It is a fine example of architecture of Thailand. Its walls decorate million the porcelain slices which have been laid out in the form of flowers. From the central tower the fascinating view of the city behind the river opens. For the sake of the brightest pictures in beams of the coming sun it will be best of all to fans of the photo to be arranged in a bar on the opposite river bank. Vat Pkho (Wat Pho; openly: daily 8. 00-18. 00, entrance paid; ph.: 0-2221-5910) – the oldest temple of Bangkok, you should visit it купивв even the cheapest permits to Thailand. In this beautiful white structure the tremendous gilded figure of the lying Buddha (XIX century) is based . The length of a figure of 46 m, and height of 15 m – it gets to the roof of the temple. On inlaid with nacre ступнях deities are graphically displayed its 108 advantages. Vat Sutkhat (Wat Suthat; Bamrung Muang Road; openly: daily 8. 30-17. 30, entrance paid; ph.: 0-2224-9845). There is a high design painted in red color from a teak, called by the Huge swing. In former years during an annual braminsky holiday of a crop desperate daredevils showed on them the acrobatic abilities. So proceeded till 1935 when after several accidents the attraction was forbidden. In the temple located in the neighbourhood pay attention to one of the most beautiful (and the biggest) of images of the Buddha; outside, on four corners of this building, graceful bronze horses are established. The gold mountain (Golden Mount) – to it can be passed through Vat Saket (Wat Saket; Boriphat Road; openly: daily 8. 00-17. 00, paid) – you will see an entrance how to it will come nearer. This bulk barrow rises on the unique hill of Bangkok and is topped big gold smoke. The spiral ladder twisting strengthened slopes of "mountain", will bring you on an observation deck. Get the scheme to have possibility to identify the temples stretched below and palaces. Believers make lifting here, certainly, not for an admiring types, and for the sake of a sanctuary with relics of the Buddha which in 1897 were transferred to Rama V by the vice-king of India lord Kerzon.

One of the best modern temples of Thailand

The best time for visit of the Marble temple Vat Bendzhamabopkhit (Wat Benjamabophit; Rama V of Road; openly: daily 8. 00-17. 30, entrance paid; ph.: 0-2282-7413) – rassvetny hours when noble marble is painted by orange light of a morning dawn, and monks are aligned for acceptance of a daily handout. Constructed at the beginning of the XX century, one of the best modern temples of Thailand, this temple shows an example of cult architecture of the modern period. A courtyard in an environment of statues of the Buddha and ponds with the fattened fishes and turtles whom monks daily treat to a papaya and bananas, do it by the real monastery of silence and tranquillity. Along the channel inhabited monastic constructions alternating by lawns were stretched. The impressive Buddha in the temple Vat Traimit (Wat Traimit; Traimit Road; openly: daily 8. 00-17. 00, entrance paid; ph.: 0-2225-9775) could so never and not to show the real face if during expansion of the port of Bangkok the figure covered with plaster did not break from the crane. It is the gold statue of the Buddha largest in Thailand; its weight 4, 5 t. Scientists date it an era of Sukhotkhaya, then, possibly, it and was disguised not to draw attention of aggressive Burmans. Even the cheapest rest in Thailand guarantees the sea of impressions!

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