As where to eat in Bulgaria?

As where to eat in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria – one of those countries in which the tourist with any level of finance can eat rather decently in any city. Searches of a suitable place where to eat it is tasty and it is inexpensive, in Bulgaria will not take a lot of time – everywhere fully both simple snackbars, and various cafeterias and restaurants. So the question as where to eat in Bulgaria, being on vacation – especially rhetorical.

The most popular place where tourists eat with the average level of prosperity in Bulgaria are various snackbars and cafeterias with self-service. In such cafeterias food cheap and rather tasty. Here it is not necessary to study the menu, and it is possible to specify simply that was pleasant by sight. As to restaurants – that here, as well as everywhere, the prices fluctuate depending on a situation. For example, in Varna the owner of hotel advised small restaurant where to eat in Bulgaria, – so we have four together dinner for only $10. At the same time always it is possible to find restaurant where for a dinner it is necessary to lay out quite large sum.

Traditional food in Bulgaria

To arrive to Bulgaria and not to try the well-known shopsky salad it is simply impossible! Without this dish at Bulgarians any feast and this salad the first does not manage occurs, when remember Bulgarian cuisine. And generally all food in Bulgaria which is considered local, grows out of mixture of two culinary cultures – Turkish and Greek.

The prices in Bulgaria on food and food in general everywhere differ a little. It depends mainly on that, how made room attractively for tourists, but in personally my opinion – Bulgaria the best vacation spot on a ratio the price quality. The food in hotels of Bulgaria is offered to tourists on various power supply systems: breakfast, half board (breakfast, dinner), board (three meals a day) and "all inclusive". As a rule, quality of dishes in all Bulgarian hotels – excellent, and with one portion two people easily can be sated. Living in one of family hotels in Varna at which there was the small restaurant, us even in advance asked, what exactly to prepare, besides, that all this pleasure absolutely cheaply costed.

Well and as a whole the food at restaurants of Bulgaria, at least, where personally it was possible to visit – is simply excellent! For example, in New Nesebr there is a small restaurant "Alexander". The most tasty huge portions (having ordered two portions for two, excellent service – and all this thus was necessary to take one with itself) that the house specialty costs only $7, 5.

The most popular drinks of Bulgaria

National drink of Bulgaria – plam vodka which is called a rakiya. Most likely, any domestic tourist does not leave home, without having taken with itself a small bottle of a rakiya and, certainly, some wine. These drinks in Bulgaria became long ago its card. Any meal, any entertainment does not pass in Bulgaria without that on a table there would be no rakiya and wine. But if the rakiya is a drink on the fan, the Bulgarian wines – above any praises. Besides, that Bulgaria is in the first five of global manufacturers as red (Mavrud, Cabernet, Otel, Merlot, Trakiya), and white (Galatea, Chardonnay, Risling, Misket, Tamyanka) wine, in the country exists a large number of private wine cellars, and always it is possible to get a bottle if not exclusive, then rare copy «the sun in a glass». By the way, "Melnik" from a wine cellar under the name «Old Varna», located in the center of Varna, was Winston Churchill’s favourite drink.

Except a rakiya and local wine at desire it is possible to get and other alcohol – in Bulgaria many shops and supermarkets where it sell. However, other alcoholic beverages in Bulgaria, for example, our vodka, stand quite expensively.

The most popular food in Bulgaria

In all regions in Bulgaria very tasty, inexpensive and each region has a food the culinary highlight. For example, to Great Tyrnovo submit a magnificent chicken in a seigniorial way, and local cherry jam «Byalo is sweet», prepared from a white grade of sweet cherry – the objedenye is simple! Generally in the summer fruit dishes everywhere prevail, and fruit in Bulgaria is on sale everywhere at quite low cost.

In the majority of regions, especially in the winter, the main course is obligatory meat. Meat in Bulgaria is the main component of the main courses. If you want to try various grades of meat – I recommend to order «Meshan скара» – the real masterpiece of composition of meat grades.

One more product from which Bulgaria – fish is famous for dishes. In Nesebra locals cook from it authentic to an ear, having tried which, you remember this taste forever. Seafood in Bulgaria and dishes from them – a highlight of seaside small towns. Being on vacation in any of them always it is possible to order to itself the fish entirely fried on the open center, and in local supermarkets cheaply to buy royal shrimps and other sea delicacies.

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