Marrakesh, Casablanca, Old Medina and other interesting places of Morocco

Morocco – the unique country in own way, perfectly suitable to combine beach rest, an admiring the nature and acquaintance to exotic culture. Regions of Morocco are various – and everyone is worthy attention. Spend night in the berber dwelling, arrange to itself a safari on camels in the Sahara Desert, walk among rimky ruins with the name pleasant for hearing Volyubilis, choose between beaches in modern resorts or against picturesque constructions of former times – do that want, but try to visit in Morocco the following places …

Ancient city of Fes

— its ancient quarters Medina constructed in the Middle Ages, are considered as objects of the World heritage. Walls, people around of Medina Fes el Bali and Fes-Dzhdid reliably kept traditional constructions and Middle Ages monuments. And in Fes it is possible to look at the most ancient educational institution operating still — Al-Karauin’s university.


— it is well-known thanks to the film with the same name, but not only. In this city images of the traditional and modern East are combined. Old Medina – the traditional small town where, certainly, it is necessary to glance, having appeared in Casablanca, but for the best idea of the old Moroccan city it is better to wander on quarters of Fes or Marrakesh. The main sight of Casablanca, for the sake of one of which it is necessary to go to Morocco — is Hassan’s II located on the bank of the Atlantic Ocean the Great mosque that only emphasizes its magnificence. It not only the largest mosque in the country, but also one of the largest in the world: at the same time in it over 100 thousand believers can pray. Not Muslims can come and be impressed with luxury of this modern mosque – an exception made for tourists. But first of all Hassan’s II mosque in Morocco is well-known for the minaret – the highest minaret in the world. Rising in the sky on height of 210 meters the minaret hardly is located in a camera lens, and that only from impressive distance – as often happens, when try to embody something considerable. Speak, thousands handicraftsmen worked on mosque construction within 7 years, collecting graceful patterns of mosaics, stacking marble floors and a tile, creating the other ornaments traditional for a Muslim shrine. And thus the mosque surprises with technological innovations: marble floors during cold time can be warmed up, the roof – to be moved apart as required, and the beam of the green laser specifying the direction to the main mosque of Islam in Mecca shoots at a night-time from a minaret top on distance of many kilometers. And what look opens on open spaces of the Atlantic Ocean from here …


— the city in which signs of old and new Morocco are also perfectly combined. Many tourists get here initially and direct on the well-known market in Marrakesh which will douse any unforgettable aroma of spices and preparing food. Here it is possible to spend not one day, slowly bargaining with sellers, getting accustomed to the Moroccan carpets and simply watching scenes of a brisk market day.

Medina Marakkesha — the old part of the city known also under the name «Red city», is included in the list of objects of the World heritage of UNESCO. Here definitely it is necessary to glance to be lost in a labyrinth of narrow small streets, among reddish cob walls and buildings.

In the center of Medina, on el-Fna Jemaa Square, it is necessary to appear on a sunset when traditional daily fair here begins: hundreds dealers, musicians, dancers and fakirs gather – it is not necessary to miss. Nearby from there is, perhaps, the best-known park to Morocco, a symbol of Marrakesh — Menar’s set with olive and fruit trees and palm trees the gardens.

Atlassky mountains in Morocco

There is nothing surprising if in the sunny day, walking on Menar’s gardens and having noticed snow-covered ridges of Atlassky mountains towering over them – and in Africa snow seems already improbable phenomenon, you want to go there. If you do not gather to a campaign, it is possible to call in for day to the mountain settlement Amizmiz where large berber fair every Tuesday gathers.

Sung by Ancient Greek poets and described in antique myths, the Atlassky mountains, which extent are made by 2400 km, limit Africa from the northwest. The oldest slopes of the Great Atlas are nearby to Marrakesh, here the age of Atlassky mountains is defined Jurassic and cretaceous by the periods. It is known that in these mountains remains living in the territory of present Morocco of dinosaurs were found 180 million years ago.

The territory of Morocco possesses the highest ridge of this mountain system – the High Atlas, with its highest point – Mount Toubkal, or Dzhebel-Toubkal (4167 m), to highest of the mountains of Morocco and all Atlassky mountains. Gate to Atlassky mountains considered the city of Tinerkhir. Toubkal at the impressive height is considered rather available top – to take pleasure in picturesque landscapes and impressing types in the summer here climbers and mountain tourists go, and in the winter – as it is strange, mountain skiers.

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