The best resorts of Cuba: alternative opinion

The best resorts of Cuba: alternative opinion

It is difficult even to begin with something … About Cuba in general it is difficult to write. But I will begin.

I will begin so: it is simply surprising, as in such beautiful country it is possible to construct such disgustingly poor state.

Do not think that it will not concern you. Will concern and will concern until you will not leave this wonderful island. It is more than that, you and I, certainly, we finance this mode and this absurdity.

Where to live in Cuba

Lyrical digression – песы, cookies, dollars

As well as in all very poor and authoritatively arranged (the second almost always guarantees the first) the countries, people in Cuba share on trousers.

Owners of firm Cuban trousers (usually the handful of the Cuban holes and the tears fastened by hot Latin American rhythms) can receive from эцилоппа simply so. Owners of foreign trousers cannot receive from эцилоппа simply so but only because they pay and for the trousers, and for trousers received from эцилоппа and for trousers most эцилоппа. In other words, they pay for everything.

It is realized very simply. Cuba – the country with double economy and two currencies. Peso and cookies.

Initially the owner of foreign trousers does not have neither that, nor another, but it has dollars. The problem that dollars at it to take nobody begins, and will begin to take cookies. And from the owner of firm Cuban trousers will take peso. And all three currencies – peso, cookies and dollars – have one designation – dollar. Only for same the kubinoshtanets pays долларопесо, and a burzhuyeshtanets – долларокук.

What’s the odds? And a difference that one Cook costs about a dollar (actually a little less), and 1 peso – approximately the Russian ruble. The difference in the price 30Х is a problem.

And still the problem what to buy peso for dollars it is almost impossible – for them it is possible to buy cookies and then to exchange them for peso. Well and, certainly, to lose on it twice.

The kukopesovy economy can really leave an inexperienced burzhuyeshtanets without trousers. Therefore it is necessary to aspire to deceive her everywhere where only it is possible. Moving on public transport for Cubans and stretching peso instead of куков everywhere where them take, you can save the decent sum. However, with housing this trick won’t work.

Hotels of Cuba

The most comfortable, safe and quiet option of accommodation on the island – to remove number in hotel. In Cuba there is a lot of hotels, but all of them, irrespective of who and when them built, have the general features:

  • · from official stardom it is safely possible to take away one-one and a half stars. Thus, even the most pathos and expensive hotel pulls at the best stars on 4;
  • · local are not allowed in hotels in general, and therefore, if you want to invite to yourselves the local (usually nevertheless the inhabitant), it is necessary to give bribes on all transit. If during visit the personnel is replaced, it is necessary to distribute two sets of bribes;
  • · in hotel the lift, the conditioner, the electric lassie, the refrigerator, a door or hotel can not work;
  • · in meter from hotel rigid Latin American slums in which rich too cry – especially at night can begin.

As a whole hotels of Cuba do not cost the money, and therefore any competent tries to remove to itself cash desk.

Cash desk: apartment rent in Cuba

Apartment rent in Cuba was possible until recently only illegally, but now house owners have an opportunity to render such services on the lawful bases. This business of "casas particulares" (it is literally translated as «private houses») is called.

Cash desks share on «лигал» and «иллигал». You not simply lodge in the first, but also will register – even if are going to stop there only for couple of days. In the second you simply pay and live, but if cash desk cover, to her owners not поздоровится. If it will cover when you have a rest there with the Cuban, can suffer also it. As to you, most likely, in one couple of hours you will leave a site.

Legal cash desks pay to the state a tax at a rate of 200 куков in a month for a room. These are mad money for Cubans – consider, annual earnings. To it it is necessary to add need to keep cash desk in order – the conditioner, a separate bathroom, hot water, fresh linen and so on. Generally expenses are that that free of charge cash desk to you will not give. Legal will manage dollars at 20-25. If for long term, it is possible to receive and is cheaper. Consider: you remove cash desk for 30 days on 12 куков, 200 of 300 informers and supervisors will gobble up, a little less one hundred will get to a kasovladelets. It is a salary for 3. 4 months and it, most likely, will go on such discounts.

The cunning moment for those who wants to rent the apartment in Cuba – here surely pay to the one who brought the client, and service cost automatically increases for the corresponding sum. To the one who led you to cash desk, usually it is necessary 5 куков in a day. Too money and not everything is ready to pay them for more doubtfully services – it is possible to be knocked and ask and without assistance. But do not think that отмазаться from such agents very simply. Happens so that they arise just while you call or knock at the door the private house and right there start to explain to the owner as fine they found you. Explain, certainly, in Spanish, but do not doubt: during this moment it do not praise a policy of the party, and simply extract to itself 5 куков. You should tell quietly that you found cash desk, and anybody here did not conduct you. Certainly too in Spanish.

House rent in Cuba

Too it is possible. Is called камписмо. This small lodges in conditionally closed territory, located directly ashore. To rent the house in Cuba in a similar camping it is not absolutely simple, because them usually hand over to owners штанале национале, that is to Cubans. However, use разговорникас пламеннас кубинас, convincingly talk nonsense in Spanish and it will be given you a box with a bulb.

Lodges usually even cash desks or approximately as much cost cheaper. And in the territory of a camping it is possible to put tent – will cost pair of dollars every day.

Rent of country houses in Cuba

To remove a country house in Cuba too it is possible, though them and a little and stand from 300 to 2000 куков per day. Country house rent, besides comfort, gives the chance – to break one more plus very many laws. For such considerable money the Cuban Bolsheviks with peculiar to all representatives of this tribe moral flexibility will wink at the one whom and you in the house bring in what quantities, than are engaged that smell and how many years to your guests.

Where to go in Cuba

The vacation spot in Cuba depends on that, how you want to have a rest

You beach rest, silence and purity – Varadero interests. However, there are a lot of people. And still there it is impossible to remove cash desk legally – they are forbidden not to create the competition to hotels. But it it doesn’t matter – it is necessary to you to appear in Varadero with a backpack behind the back, and to you will approach.

Want architecture, museums and an any civilization – Havana.

Look for the ladies which behavior in any way it is impossible to call too heavy – them there everywhere, but the greatest concentration of the most available in not the most prosperous and controllable areas. Las Tunas, Holguin, Santa Clara – wishing cheap pleasures usually go there. Most difficult with ladies in Varadero – very strict control.

Fishing is good everywhere if it is well organized. It is more often organized badly. In general it is bad to organize something is a basis of the Cuban life. And then to sell this badly organized extremely expensively.

If deliberate where it is better to go to Cuba to spoil to itself lungs and a liver, it is better to choose Playa Esmeralda. There both tobacco is on sale quite good and beer cook to the Cuban measures the excellent.

The best resorts of Cuba

It is considered the best resort of Cuba Varadero. Partly it is the truth – the excellent beaches, quite good tourist infrastructure, relative purity and high level of safety. Here it is possible to arrive with a family – here will not begin to exasperate, offering muchachy, rum and excellent Colombian coke.

Havana also has some of very good beaches and quite good architecture in the center (in other places and that is not present). If someone has desire to look as on streets of the 20th years there go cars of the 50th is there. However, in Havana you it is guaranteed predlagatel of cigars, rum, girls and so on will get. It is better to do a stone muzzle of the person and to pass by. From other entertainments it is possible, for example, to try to learn to calculate «топтунов» and other сексотов.

Cayo Koko – the most known ecological resort zone of Cuba. It is the island connected to Cuba by the bulk highway. In Cayo Koko’s territory there are hotels of known international networks. From interesting occupations – beach rest and supervision over birds, which here great variety and a variety. By the way, "Koko" from the name is at all in honor of a coco or cocaine, namely in honor of a bird.

If you the diver also deliberate where it is better to have a rest in Cuba, Cayo Largo – the most dayversky resort of Cuba will be the answer. Prozrak of meters on 80, ten three points of immersion, a reef absolutely near to the coast – generally if not to leave on the coast, everything is simply healthy. If to leave, too it is quite good: it is almost pure resort and contacts to local poverty will be strongly limited.

If you deliberate where to go to Cuba that and to swim for a while both on birds to look and at fishing to go, to stop on Playa Esmeralda in Holguin better. Very beautiful beach, quite good, let and expensive hotels, good fishing.

Whether costs?

As a whole not, if you only do not want to see specifically Cuba and specifically Havana. Excellent fishing can be received in ten more pleasant places, beaches of Thailand are worse nothing, and diving on Sri Lanka is obvious better than Cuban. There are cheap aunts, cigars and rum, but judges of such pleasures – separate category.

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