Where to eat in Germany: we survive in the conditions of German cuisine

Where to eat in Germany: we survive in the conditions of German cuisine

Actually too strongly it is necessary to survive hardly as as a whole the food in Germany is habitual for our stomach. Germans will not force you to swallow of dried cockroaches or the pestles of a volcanic papaya digested by means of enzyme of sexual glands Martian five-foot. All German food in principle is edible and rather tasty.

Public catering

The question «where to eat in Germany» is solved very simply. Public catering institutions (if this word in general is applicable to the sweetest German small restaurants and cafe) are numerous, cozy and, at the correct approach, are inexpensive. The food at restaurants of Germany practically is always tasty and nutritious. No, certainly, at desire it is possible and to find here inedible and innutritious, but it is necessary to try. To glance in Makdak, for example.


As well as everywhere in Europe, the prices for food in Germany of high-cotton wool. That the most surprising, quite often to buy crude products and to prepare most it turns out more expensively or approximately as it is expensive, as well as to eat in the next traktirchik.

Food in Germany: that it is necessary to try

The ethnic cuisine of Germany is described by two words: simply and nourishingly. In this sense it is similar on Russian in which simplicity and nutritiousness of dishes also are priorities. And in it its shortcoming: to gain weight on sausages and potatoes it is not simple, and simply inevitably. If to it to add also beer, to escape from a paunch becomes hardly. On Germans who prefer to taste traditional food of Germany three times a day, it is appreciable

National food of Germany: sausages and sausages

It is considered that sausage was thought up by Germans. Most likely, indeed, because such quantity of kolbasovidny products is not present more anywhere. In each district there are recipes: there is more national no food in Germany, than sausages with beer and still something. Disputes on what sausages the most German, have the Olympic character.

Other meat dishes.

Germans prefer pork and beef, and the first prevails. Too not so healthy tradition.


The traditional food in Germany includes dishes from potatoes, peas, beans, onions and cabbage. I will tell about everyone…

Potatoes – I do not think that Germans seriously believe that it brought from America. For couple of hundreds years potatoes became for German cuisine so important product that now without it any dinner does not manage. The reason is simple: lands at Germans always was a little, and it is far not the most fertile, and potatoes gave the chance to live from a small site. The same, by the way, took place in Holland and in the territory of Belarus with its cespitose and podsolic soils.

Traditional dishes from potatoes – boiled potatoes, potato soup, potato fritters, potato trickled pastries with peas or wheat flour.

Peas – very popular vegetable. Dried shlifovanny peas, green peas together with pods and without them and even a pea flour are used.

Traditional dishes of their peas – soups mashed potatoes with toasts or sausage slices, actually pea Еrbsensuppe, pea mashed potatoes with potatoes and without, simply fried peas in the form of a garnish, pea sausage.

Haricot, beans, lentil – too national food of Germany though gradually dishes from bean disappear. Are used approximately as well as peas.

Sauerkraut – one of the main national courses of Germany. "Nemets-perets-kolbasa-kislaya kapusta". What here still to add? Stewed sourcrout is used with dishes from pork as the main garnish.

Onions. An onions sauce to potato fritters, fried onions, onions soup; besides, the onions are added practically in everything, except desserts.


Historically rather poor Germans for many decades learned to prepare excellently far not refined fish. Such dishes as хек with potatoes, a cod with potatoes, a herring guess-@-with-than are national only at Germans, well and still, perhaps, at different Baltic Poles. The truth at restaurants of Germany хека and a fried herring offer infrequently, but at desire it is possible to find and try. At good luck it is surprisingly tasty – much better, than a salmon in average Moscow cookery. The solution is simple – with soul it is necessary to prepare.

Fruit of Germany

Generally only apples and a little bit grapes, but it was long ago. Today the range of fruit in shops of Bonn and Hamburg differs nothing from the range of fruit in any other European country.


Among a set of confectionery the traditional dish of Germany considered unless баумкухен. It is such cunning pie which prepare posloyno. The wooden roller cover with liquid dough and bake, then again cover with liquid dough and bake and so until actually баумкухен will not begin to remind by the form a pie. In kanonichny option it and submit, however in shops and candy stores it is possible to buy a pie with chocolate or creamy glaze, marzipans, powdered sugar and so on. Submit with pea mashed potatoes and sourcrout (joke).

Considerable distribution was received by also Austrian strudel and derivative of it. It is really tasty – in batch preparation with apples and berries Germans succeeded much.

Alcohol in Germany: not only beer

Germans – never nondrinkers, but are able to drink. On Monday morning (and it is frequent also Sunday in the evening) they are not simply sober, and are completely efficient. How the gloomy German genius reaches such fast and effective sobering up – a nature riddle. However, I distracted…

The main alcohol of Germany – beer. The light pilzner, and not only German generally drink, but also Czech do not refuse. In the small cities highly appreciate production of local breweries even if it very not very – affects regional patriotism.

Beer drink much and have a snack it very densely. From that grow stout. Generally, good, but a measure it is necessary to know beer.


Vineyards which give to Germans a quantity of grape wine grow in vicinities of Rhine not so rich, but nevertheless. Wine is far not outstanding, but it is much better than an average on the Moscow supermarkets.


Vodka and vodka. Grain, sometimes plam, sometimes in addition any – it is drunk in pure form with snack or in the form of tincture on herbs or berries. And in general – that Germans can show us in respect of vodka?

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