Where to eat in Thailand it is tasty and it is inexpensive

Where to eat in Thailand it is tasty and it is inexpensive

For many tourists the question «Where to eat in Thailand» is almost the most actual. Therefore all visited Thailand by the end of the trip become the real experts in this area.

I was not in this surprising country, but I dream of a trip and I prepare for it for a long time. However until now circumstances developed not in my advantage, is more exact not in favor of travel to Thailand that does not prevent me to dream periodically of «the country of smiles», and also greedy to ask the friends on the smallest details of their trips including about, where to eat – Thailand from this point of view is a real paradise for fans of an exotic cuisine at the democratic prices.

It would be desirable to share councils and the saved-up knowledge of where to eat in Thailand. All my friends on a question «Where to eat in Thailand?» as one answer: "Anywhere". It is possible to come into any snackbar or small restaurant and is high-grade to eat. Besides, there makashnitsa or стритфуд which represent a motorcycle with a carriage kitchen are very popular. All food will prepare directly at you, and it will manage in very small sum – no more than 50 Bath. From drinks as speak, "ays-coffee" – cold coffee with milk, with ice, with ice-cream, with a syrup is very widespread, with spices – there is a set of options, and in each place it is prepared differently.

Exotic dishes of Thailand

About food habitual to us I heard only when speech about came what food in hotels of Thailand joins in accommodation cost. Usually it is a standard American breakfast. If hotel three-stars, for a breakfast fried eggs, an omelette, sausages, vegetables, fruit, juice, coffee, milk are offered. If you lodge in four – or five-stars, your breakfasts will be richer – with dishes of Thai cuisine. In hotels, as a rule, it is necessary to pay extra for a dinner and a dinner, but in it there is no need because with food in Thailand you will have no problems. As the prices in Thailand on food and a food are usually very available. The economical tourists living in inexpensive board where in number there is a mini-kitchen, sometimes prefer to prepare, buying products in a supermarket. The most popular is «Seven Eleven». The prices for products in Thailand in supermarkets can be compared ours to the prices in any hypermarket such as "Auchan".

If to try to characterize briefly dishes of Thailand, the first word which comes to mind – "exotic". In spite of the fact that the food at restaurants of Thailand practically always consists of viands habitual for us, such as fish, meat, vegetables, rice, noodles, seafood, their combinations in various dishes seem sometimes simply unimaginable. For example, soup on coconut milk, shashlychka from pork with peanut sauce, a dessert from mango and sticky rice or marinaded noodles. And is also such rather exotic dishes of Thailand as a stake from a crocodile or soup from spark fins. Besides, the food of Thailand always is generously flavored with a large amount of spices that for Europeans very unusually. To my friends after a while stay in Thailand and a food by local food very strongly needed to be eaten usual burgers and a pizza though they do not deny that Thai cuisine very tasty. But habits – a strong thing.

Alcohol in Thailand: popular local brands

Many tourists who are going for the first time to visit Thailand, interests, whether has sense to take with itself alcohol from дьюттифри. All my acquaintances who were in Thailand, unanimously speak:« Is not present» as the prices for alcohol in Thailand are very democratic. For example, beer costs from 20 to 40 Bath, whisky and rum will manage approximately to 200 Bath. And here the prices for alcoholic beverages of Thailand at restaurants and cafe are a little overestimated. The Singha beer bottle (by the way, one of local brands of beer popular among tourists) in a bar costs about 120 Bath. The cheapest wine at restaurant will manage to 700 Bath for a bottle, and, for example, red wine from France – to 1800-2500 Bath. Alcohol in Thailand drink not only tourists, but also and locals. If to speak about popular brands of beer, it is necessary to mention Chang, Singha, Leo. Local whisky is presented by such brands as Mecong and Song Thip, but some tourists prefer to the local producer world famous brands which are more expensive several times. In general on alcohol in Thailand it is possible to save and not to lose well thus in quality if it is good to understand it.

Exotic fruit of Thailand

When I ask the friends about what fruit is in Thailand, in reply I hear a large quantity of emotional exclamations which accompany transfers of such names which I never heard earlier. And the answer to a question «What fruit to try in Thailand?» consists simply of extremely big list that is better to take a leaf with the handle and all names accurately to write down. Even better before a trip to carry out for itself an educational program on a subject «What fruit grow in Thailand» that it is a little in them to understand.

The smelliest fruit of Thailand – дуриан – has simply unique magic taste. But it is forbidden to cut and eat it in public places, to take aboard the plane and to carry by in numbers of hotels as it has the specific smell similar to a smell of garlic. Jack fruit it is necessary to buy already cut, differently it is possible not to consult with it. It is said that this fruit very tasty. Tamarind is similar to brown and dry pods of peas. It happens two types: sour and sweet. This fruit usually cook in water and receive magnificent refreshing drink. Noyna reminds a persimmon, but only does not knit in a mouth. It is convenient to eat this fruit with a spoon.

Exotic fruit of Thailand is on sale in the country everywhere and in a large quantity. To all of us known the coco, mango, bananas, a papaya to taste are not so similar to that bring to us. Well and such exotic fruit of Thailand as мангустин, лонган, fat, рамбутан, a carambola, саподилла it is possible to try, only having visited personally «the country of smiles» or other country of South East Asia as these fruit rarities very quickly spoil and do not suit export, to my huge regret.

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