Where to live in Spain and not to burn down under the sun

Where to live in Spain and not to burn down under the sun

Certainly, if you the tourist of traditional sense also got a standard tourist package where will live in Spain to depend only on the program and round cost, and a choice of the city or the settlement, hotel and transport will be care of tour operator. You need to enjoy only beauty of the country and to follow the program.

I had a possibility few weeks to do a bit of traveling on the country and to solve, where it is better to live in Spain, independently. Hotels which without problems can be found and reserved on the Internet, were rejected at once. Normal hotel, especially from the international networks less than for 100 euros to find problemno, hotels rather densely are filled – Spain is all the year round popular at tourist люда. Hostel (or «осталь» as Spaniards) more available say – from 20-40 euros, it is possible to find quite decent clean number, a certain analog of three-stars hotel. In their cities it is enough, but near the sea to find hosted already difficult.

My choice was simple: rent of the apartment or house rent in Spain. Rent of apartments in Spain or apartments – the excellent decision if to go a family. So, for us, three adults, rent of apartments with two bedrooms in Granada in July cost approximately 60 euros. In apartments usually there is a refrigerator and the TV, a plate. Can not be small appliances – we had no teapot and the hair dryer. But the fresh repair, new furniture and the city center, it is close to all tourist objects.

Country house rent in Spain – too worthy option, but it is necessary to consider that the minimum term of rent not less than a week, from Saturday to Saturday. The option was still considered to remove a cottage in rural Spain. Friends had a rest in Riokh, it is a mountain part of Spain, approximately in the 200th kilometers from the northern coast, and constantly compared purity of air, quality of products and not haste of life to Norway. And hospitality of owners and home-cooked meals for a long time became a subject of conversations on rural life in Spain.

Spain – as we chose vacation spots

Spain is a vacation spot of all Europe. There go behind beach pleasures, the benefit Spain is washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The combination of the mountain district and the sea coast since Rome brought to Spain glory of the country resort. The best medical resorts of Spain in San Sebastian, Mondarisa, are located Kaldas-de-Reys generally in the North and the West – there the most favorable conditions for balneal and climatic resorts. Though to find conditions for restoration and rest in the resorts of Spain it is possible on all country, even on the Canary Islands, in Las Palmas.

We, of course, long touched information on the Internet, what resort of Spain is better, from where it is most convenient to reach historical places where the nature is more various. The choice was: or resorts of northern Spain (San Sebastian), mountain resorts, or popular resorts of the southern Spain (in Andalusia and Catalonia). The choice fell on the South, and I will tell honest, maybe, it was necessary nevertheless in Spain in the summer to have a rest in the north where softer the climate and is easier transferred heat. However, the Bay of Biscay not the most comfortable place for bathing – in the summer water temperature to 21°C, but it is possible to be engaged in windsurfing, as a wind equal and constant. In September in San Sebastian the well-known film festival, and in the winter ski resorts on slopes of the Cordilleras and the Pyrenees. In the same place – Pamplona with running of bulls and desperate Spaniards on narrow streets, just in July. Having presented itself running in crowd and thrashing a bull on horns the newspaper curtailed into a tube, as the strong-willed decision chose the South of Spain, Andalusia. Especially, so it would be desirable to visit Granada and the well-known Algambra – Muslim heritage of Spain. Both a number of the city and resorts of the southern coast of Spain – Malaga, Torremolinos, Marbelya. Actually, it also is the well-known Kosta-del-Sol «the Sun Coast» Spain. To admit, in July of the sun there was much.

Such different resorts of Spain

In spite of the fact that at words «the resorts of Spain» first of all there is an image of the sea coast, the blinding sun on white small streets, flowers and Belmaden Pueblo’s palm trees – the oldest city quarter of Andalusia, it appears, not ski resorts of Spain use smaller popularity also. Having refused rest in the north of Spain, and one and a half weeks having fried thoroughly on the July sun in Granada and Kosta-del-Sol, we with envy listened to stories of friends about rest in Riokh, the mountain region of the North of Spain.

Friends spent some weeks in the rural house transformed to boarding house, fully tried northern Spanish cuisine which to the best differs from the standardized international kitchen of the sea beach resorts of Spain. They got drunk wine, and Riokh – the center of the Spanish winemaking much, were developed on mountains and are going to go in the winter to drive on skis in mountain resorts of Iberian mountains, in Valdeskaray.

We went round practically all Kosta-del-Sol – resorts of the southern coast of Spain. Actually, it is the whole chain of the cities and settlements – Marbelya, Terrimolinos, Malaga, Nerkh. Certainly, resorts of the South of Spain in the Provinces of Andalusia, Murcia, Valencia and Catalonia in the middle of the summer not the most right choice for rest – hot, very much hot, a great number of tourists from all over the world. Us, the family from three people, was rescued by trips far inland. The temperature did not fall, but solar patches of light from sea waves did not stick together.

Some days in Granada, the trip to Cordoba and Jerez de la Frontera perfectly diluted fatigue from vanity of the sea coast. In Jerez de la Frontera with all the heart tried out a sherry and тапас. Actually, тапас – the Spanish fast food as various snack also went initially, in olden days, free addition to a sherry. Unfortunately, now it is necessary to pay about 10 euros in a portion. There was an idea to go on the thermal resorts of Spain, to Catalonia, on Costa Brava and Costa Daurada, but is banal there was no time. Here if the friends who had a rest in Riokh, gather for winter rest to Spain, on ski resorts of La-Riokhi or to the Pyrenees, then we will keep them the company and we will pass across Catalonia. Or we will convince them to go on a ski resort Sierra-Nevada, from there we will go down to Barcelona, and there and a thermal source in La Garriga nearby.

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