Windmills and channels in Holland. What museums and other interesting places in the Netherlands


The Netherlands associates with Van Gogh, клогами, tulips, windmills and so we will tell, the liberal law.

Architecture of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Amsterdam … One of the most favourite cities, probably, at each traveler who here though visited once. Probably, we should thank for a cosiness and the unique atmosphere of Amsterdam the authorities of the Netherlands which took out the main official establishments of the country to the Hague, having left beyond Amsterdam glory of the cultural capital. The well-known channels of Holland, cool architecture – every era was reflected in the manifestation. In total as on pictures: houses are restricted to each other, on everyone any plate hangs: the pier, here lives the baker, and here – the tailor. Medieval towers and town halls are fine, but buildings in style of eclecticism, as, for example, theater Tushinsky are not less fine.

Thousand historical buildings of Amsterdam reflect everyone – the era. Two wooden houses, constructed in the Middle Ages, lived up to now. Also from the Middle Ages there was a closed yard of a community "beginok" — it is a religious female community, something like a monastery, but with the right to leave it (if will call in marriage, for example). Regions of working class once, can, and were not quoted, and now on Yordaan’s streets super-fashionable boutiques are located. It is surprising, what even the well-known windmills of Holland can be seen in Amsterdam: it is natural, when them built, these areas were outside the city limits but while the city slowly was upset, they were surrounded by houses. All chicken poxes are in Amsterdam on the West from the center, closest of them – a mill De Guyer, now there brewery.

Museums of Holland in Amsterdam

Central square of Amsterdam – the area I Will give, and there is the main palace of Holland – the Royal palace, the residence of monarchs. Brisk Damrak Street departs from Dam Square. Here – a set of museums and the cultural centers. In Amsterdam there will be something for the traveler with any requirements. Historical museums, art galleries, a museum of a human body in the Netherlands, Van Gogh’s museum, Anne Frank’s house – for one; the red light district and кофешопы – for others.

Canala Gollandii

Channels a network cross Amsterdam, and through them one thousand bridges which are illuminated at night by multi-colored bulbs is thrown. As in Moscow there is a Parkway ring and the Garden ring, in Amsterdam there is a Channel ring, and some concentric rings from the channels surrounding the city center are more true. Not only in Amsterdam there are channels, in Holland they meet everywhere. As on streets, on them small floating lodges took place. Dutches use them sometimes as dachas – come to the floating lodge for the weekend from the city.

Modern architecture of Holland — Rotterdam

It is healthy, if there is time for thoughtful travel on the country. The cities will meet surprising architecture and the pleasant atmosphere. Rotterdam, Maastricht, Utrecht, Leydn – everyone is good.

The magnificent port of Rotterdam largest in Europe is well-known for the modern architecture. Shining a neon and glass office buildings, the well-known bridge and the most various museums are in Holland here: in the territory of so-called Park of museums (Museumpark) there is a museum Boikhmansa Van Beningena, an Architectural institute of the Netherlands, Shabo’s museum, and in other parts of the city – a museum Kunstkhol, a museum of chessmen, a sea museum and many other. The concept of the Rotterdam zoo in the Netherlands involves in it mass of tourists as offers excursion on fauna together with the world of people.


Gryoningen – the small campus in the north of the Netherlands which is rich already, apparently, with the habitual atmosphere inherent in all cozy cities in this country, with its channels and old architecture. The center of life of Greningen considered the University based 400 years ago – so, student’s life here boils round the clock. Sometimes in a university museum it is possible to come across an unusual exhibition, and on Grote-Markt (a big market) to buy a rare bagatelle. It is good to walk on small streets, to have a look at ancient cathedrals to glance on a medieval inn or in a tobacco museum.

Parks of the Netherlands

If it is interesting to whom to look at the nature, that known of national parks of the Netherlands is a park to Hoge Veluva (Hoge Veluwe). Dutches – so for rapprochement with habits of inhabitants of the Netherlands, so to speak, on a nature bosom, this place here like to come. It is good to walk on the wood or to sweep on a bicycle. It is said that a big variety of natural landscapes can be found in this national park, for Holland the flat woods alternating with rare sandy glades is already a variety.

The well-known park of entertainment in the Netherlands

Where as it is more interesting thematic parks in Holland. The best-known local analog of the Parisian Disneyland, but with traditional motives — is park of Efteling. Certainly, Efteling-park in the Netherlands – the main center of gravity for family rest, but absolutely undoubtedly there it is necessary to go, even if you have no children. The park located directly in the wood, is open all the year round, in summer months the local theater arranges regular shows. It is possible to walk on the wood and to meet characters from children’s fairy tales – it is sure that for many adults they will be familiar and, probably, will wake the small child who lives in everyone.

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