Lake Loch Ness legend.

Lake Loch Ness legend.

Geographical position

Loch Ness is a part of a natural crevice Greyt-Glenn (Great Glen) which divides uplands between Inverness and Fort William. At the beginning of the XIX century Thomas Telford connected lakes the Caledonian canal which has allowed vessels to ply between the North Sea and Atlantic, without swimming up to the dangerous northern coast of Scotland. Now good vessels here float, and in Inverness through tourist’s bureau it is possible to order cruise (only in the summer). To get here, it is possible to use round to Great Britain.

Sucker Nessky monster

Visitors want to see the Sucker Nessky monster. Legends about Nessie go back to VII century when sacred Colomba won a monster. The mysterious animal drew attention of public in the 1930th during road construction on the west bank. Since then it appeared many times, but the most modern and hi-tech methods of researches did not give any concrete results. About it it is possible to learn during bus excursion in Dramnedrokhit (Drumnadrochit) that in 14 miles to the southwest from Inverness where there is very informative Sucker-Ness-2000 exhibition (ежедн. July and авг. 9. 00-20. 00, during other period the reduced operating mode, 5, 95 ф. Art.). The majority of pictures with the image of a monster were made in vicinities of the lock of Urkvart (Castle Urquhart) (ежедн. 9. 30-16. 00/20. 30, 3, 80 ф. the Art.) – one of the most beautiful Scottish fortresses, located in couple of miles on the South.

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