Dalmatia. Dubrovnik. Food and drinks

Dalmatia. Dubrovnik. Food and drinks

If you prefer to eat independently, go on the fruit and vegetable markets (but not on вс) around Gundilicheva Polyany in the morning. It is possible to have a bite a sandwich in bars of the lanes going up from Stradun.

Worthy institution with vegetarian kitchen (self-service) – Express restaurant on Kaboge 1. In the old city at restaurants пет a shortcoming, though many that are located on parallel to Stradun from the North to Prijeko Street, дороговаты.

In exchange go to a simple institution to Katepka about Gunduliceva poljana 8 where cheaply offer shallow fish to a giritsa and oysters (kamenitsa), or in family fish restaurant Ekvinocijo on St. Ilije Sarake 10.

Alternatively near gate of Pile Gate visit big restaurant Konoba Posat on uz Posat 1 with a garden and a terrace where cook quite good meat on fillet.

Street cafes on Stradun’s east end are popular as in the afternoon, and in evening, but it will be more interesting to glance in small cafes bars on distant small streets:

  • HardJazz Cafe Troubadur i la Buniceva Poljana where live music in the evenings plays,
  • Buza on Iza Mira got by the special atmosphere an open bar at a city wall;
  • and the Irish pub of Karaka on Izmedu polaca 5 especially will be pleasant to fans of beer.

Outside of the center bana Jelacica street (near autostation) is known for the noisy bars working with summer late. The Latino Club Fuego club is popular in Pile Gate gate. Thematic evenings with a disco and live music are arranged in the cultural center Lazaretti on Frana Supila.

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