Where to eat in Turkey? Nobody will leave the hungry!

Where to eat in Turkey? Nobody will leave the hungry!

To me two times, and once in the summer, and the second time in the winter were necessary to happen in Turkey. And these two trips created at me absolutely inconsistent opinions on a food in Turkey. For the first time I went in the summer in Kemer. Ate in hotel on type "all inclusive" twice a day. The breakfast and a dinner consisted of a buffet, and everything was so tasty and is nourishing that about a question where to eat, Turkey such generous reception forced to forget.

But in the winter when I went to Istanbul, it was necessary to be engaged in searches of places where eat in Turkey. The matter is that in hotel in which I then stopped all food was either too sharp, or too sweet. If against sweet I at all do not object, it was heaviest to eat hot dishes.

After some tortures it was necessary to refuse as a result a food in hotel and urgently to look for, where to eat – and Turkey, to be exact Istanbul did not disappoint. Practically at every turn in the city there are inexpensive cafes where it was possible to eat habitual European food, however, in many of them it is possible to order only fast food, but after those hot dishes in hotel, even food of fast preparation, but habitual and not sharp, brought only pleasure. After I managed to find places in Istanbul where to eat, Turkey was rehabilitated in my opinion from the point of view of a food.

Food in Turkey: variety of dishes

As to food at restaurants of hotels, Turkey can leave the most different impressions. Probably everything depends on hotel in which you stopped. A food at hotel restaurant in Kemera was magnificent. Very dense breakfasts which allowed not to get hungry till the dinner which, as well as the breakfast, was presented by a buffet. It was possible to choose everything that it is necessary for soul: cutting from vegetables, something dairy, meat or fish, a large quantity of fruit and, of course, matchless Turkish desserts. The food in Turkey was very various that time. In the second time in Turkey I with food in hotel was not lucky, but thanks to it I learned the local prices for food – Turkey, it is necessary to tell, from this point of view did not disappoint.

Drinks in Turkey, popular

If to speak about popular drinks in Turkey, probably, it should be noted coffee and tea. To drink coffee in Turkey it is possible anywhere and as it seemed to me, locals really well understand its preparation. I as the big fan of coffee was delighted simply with its taste.

Dairy national drink of Turkey is айран. It is done of the yogurt diluted with water, and by salts. Frankly speaking, taste of this drink was not pleasant to me, but someone considers it as the best means for a thirst satisfying in hot summer day. And here with approach of winter colds Turks prefer to drink hot салеп. It prepare from a powder which receive from the dried-up tubers of some types of orchids.

Heard that in the resorts of Turkey, streets of bars are the real highlights much, but I cannot comment on this statement in any way as I am not this sort of admirer of pastime. During stay in Turkey understood that if to choose hotel on system "all inclusive", with alcohol drinks in Turkey you will have no problems – whisky with Coca it is possible to get drunk for many years forward. In general in such Muslim country as Turkey, alcohol is under a ban, however and locals have addictions. For example, among alcohol drinks in Turkey the greatest popularity uses ракы – anisette. I did not try, therefore I can tell nothing about its taste. Also in Turkey there is also a quite good wine, but its use while is at a low level.

National dishes of Turkey

From everything that I managed to try in Turkey, the brightest memoirs left Turkish desserts. These most tasty east dishes in Turkey were so unusual and tasty that I long could not rejoice then to our usual sweets as they to me seemed a little fresh. I remember a sweet pie from semolina, the water-ices, the candied dried fruit and many other things.

Meat in Turkey is used in many national dishes of the country. The most widespread food is кебаб. It is necessary to mention such tasty dish as долма, familiar to us on Caucasian cuisine, are a stuffed cabbage from grape leaves. Dishes from fish are also widespread in Turkey, but to a lesser extent. It can be sardines in garnet leaves or the stuffed mackerel. But if you the fan of seafood – Turkey disappoints you from this point of view. There are not enough foods at which they are present, but to you will offer a set of other most tasty food.

Pilaf can be carried to national dishes of Turkey also. Except for a breakfast, it submit at any time. Pilaf can be prepared not only from rice, but also from wheat, vermicelli or peas. Great popularity meat in pita also uses.

Fruit of Turkey all the year round

Fruit of Turkey is the real richness of the country. They here grow all the year round therefore it is not necessary to worry about what fruit in Turkey ripens in this or that season to organize the travel – it is possible to go at any time and to be sure that without vitamins not останетешься. Here in the wide range in the markets of the country bananas, oranges, pineapples, grapes, pears, apples, melons, a kiwi, tangerines, grapefruits, peaches, water-melons and many other are presented. Besides, the prices for fruit in Turkey are much lower than the Russian. And as in the country use of harmful fertilizers, the fruit growing in Turkey is forbidden, will be also non-polluting.

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